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Parth Thakkar


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  • Embedded C, C, Assembly (ARM, AVR, 8051, 6502) & C++
  • Python & Django
  • Micro python, Assambly, HDL
  • Javascript & jQuery
  • Linux Administration, Shell scripting
  • VHDL, Matlab

Education Background

Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering

University of Colorado, Boulder

L.D. College of Engineering, Ahmedabad

Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communication

About Me

I am an MS student at CU Boulder, I have been learning embedded development for 4 years including developing drivers for I2C, Uart, USB and other sensors like gyro and accelerometer, Strong in problem solving, high level & low level system design. Additionally, I've gained knowledge in embedded systems, real-time operating systems, and I'm currently exploring low-power embedded systems. I've created software projects that tackle real-world problems with a logical programming approach. I've also taken part in hackathons and hardware-related ideathons. I'm enthusiastic about the chance to collaborate with you. A guy who loves to understand all things.


Pong in 8051 using Assembly

Developed a Pong game using assembly code for the 8051 microcontroller. Integrated a custom-designed PS2 keyboard hardware controller for paddle control and an LED matrix as the display. Designed BMS for battery operation.

8-Bit CPU

Engineered a CPU using basic transistor-transistor-logic and logic gates on a breadboard. Capable of executing basic programs such as Fibonacci series, addition, and subtraction.

Simulator in C++ for 6052

Simulated 6052 in C++ to run programs hardcoded into virtual memory by the user.Implemented instructions like LDA, LDX/Y, STA, STX/Y, JMP, RTS, JSR, BEQ, CMP, TAX, TAY, NOP.

Bare Metal RTOS in Stm32f070

Developed a Bare Metal RTOS for an ARM Cortex M0+ core (stm32f070). Included features like a Scheduler, RTOS with Round Robin, Cooperative, and Periodic Scheduler methods. Implemented Semaphores and Mutex.